Plan before you plant this fall.

If you wish there was a garden path wandering around an oak tree in the backyard, fall is the time to plan and plant! Springtime temperatures tend to vary and fall offers steady patterns of cool weather that permit plants to establish their root system. Soil is still warm enough in the fall without the roasting summer sun, or downpour that can occur in spring.

We could find quite a few reasons why we love working in the fall months! There is always so much outdoor living to be done, and working in more mild temperatures doesn't hurt. But, before you get too excited- hardscapes have to be planned first!

It will be vital to plan for growth as well so please discuss your vision for your yard now, and what you’d like it to look in the future. This way Crestones Landscape Design can plan enough room for that oak tree to soar over the yard and hold that tire swing. Please keep in mind that Crestones Landscape Design is a hardscape specialist. However, we have wonderful friends in the business that would be happy to help with your softscape needs. Just ask us!

If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between hardscapes and softscapes you might enjoy this helpful article >> What's the difference between Hardscape and Softscape elements?

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