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12 Questions to Help Guide your Outdoor Kitchen Design.

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Why are you not outside more? Well, perhaps you just need the proper outdoor living motivation!

Outdoor kitchen, stone, granite, stainless steel appliances

Start Dreaming so you can Start Planning.

Outdoor living dreams will look different for everyone and we offer modern and traditional solutions to our neighbors of New Jersey. You'll need a space that takes into considerations what you love or want to love doing most in your yard. How many people do you want to be able to host? Do you envision sitting around an open outdoor firepit with marshmallows after you finished off those superb filets? What about a pizza oven that lets you fire up pies in less than 5 minutes for a group of hungry soccer players? Get daydreaming!

Here are some great questions from HGTV that you should ask yourself to jump-start the planning process:

  1. How often do I cook outside?

  2. What kinds of foods do I cook outside: burgers, smoked meats?

  3. What are my grill options: natural gas, propane, charcoal or more than one?

  4. What would I like to cook outside that I can't now: sauces, whole birds, large cuts of meat or deep-fried foods?

  5. How many people will be cooking in the outdoor kitchen?

  6. Do I need to consider kid safety?

  7. How much prep work will I do outside?

  8. What do I want to store in the outdoor kitchen: barbecue tools, dishes, entertaining equipment or more?

  9. Will it be an entertaining area?

  10. Do I plan to also eat outside?

  11. Would I like to be able to wash my hands or do the dishes outside?

  12. Do I want the outdoor kitchen to be close to the house or separate?

Yard Blog Easy Insight:

  • Don't forget to think about stylistically what you like, but don't worry about layout! We will help you design the most functional and visually-pleasing space possible.

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