Paver driveways can be a stunning addition to your home. The array of different colors and breadth of patterns to choose from can give your driveway the unique, one of a kind look that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. 

General Information


  • Concrete pavers can be an excellent way to add design interest in what used to be just sidewalks, driveways, patios, and surrounding pool areas. In addition, because pavers are manufactured to such a high standard they can provide a stronger foundation for driveways than poured concrete. 




  • Individual pavers can be replaced if necessary. 

  • Pavers are normally installed as interlocking units, which both speeds-up the installation process and strengthens the surface.

  • Pavers offer more traction than poured concrete which is great news for residents in New Jersey that need it during the snowy season! 

  • Just in case you weren't already in love with the custom designs pavers offer they are also ready upon install.  That's right ZERO wait time. 


Maintenance and Cost

  • When comparing paver driveway maintenance and costs, it's important to examine the natural trade-offs that occur.  A paver driveway will need such a minimal amount of ongoing maintenance, that when measuring the upfront costs of a concrete or asphalt driveway, essentially what you’re doing is trading the long-term ongoing maintenance costs over the lifetime of an asphalt, concrete or even gravel driveway for the upfront cost of the installation of a paver driveway. As mentioned, pavers are also great for clients that live in snowy climates like our beloved, New Jersey! This is because pavers provide a solid driveway surface that shed water/sleet/ice easily due to their permeable nature allowing water to penetrate into the soil, or sub-grade beneath the pavers. This allows for a more even flow of both run-off and absorption. Furthermore, this makes pavers more environmentally friendly allowing fewer pollutants (salt, magnesium chloride, and de-icing chemicals) to travel into our rivers, creeks, and lakes! However, you should be prepared to manage oil spots, sealing, edging, and weeding (similar to many other hard surface materials.




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